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West Chester Area School District Unanimously Grants Collegium Charter School Longest Charter Renewal Permitted By State Law

November 23, 2021
Written by: ercc-marketing

Exton, PA: On Monday, November 22nd, Dr. Robert Sokolowski, Superintendent of West Chester Area School District (WCASD), recommended at the WCASD School Board meeting that Collegium Charter School’s (CCS) charter be renewed. CCS is proud to announce that the WCASD School Board upheld Dr. Sokolowski’s recommendation and unanimously renewed CCS’s charter for the maximum term possible under the law—five years. CCS’s charter is now valid through February 2027.

Charter Renewal

“I’m extremely grateful to our Collegium team of board members, administrators, staff, students, and parents/guardians for their preparation and participation in this renewal process,” shared Ms. Marita Barber, CCS’s Chief Executive Officer. “In true fashion, they exemplified what is best about our school community—an unwavering commitment to providing a safe and meaningful teaching and learning environment for all students and staff. I look forward to these next five years and continuing to cultivate our partnership with WCASD.”

Pennsylvania charter schools must have a charter approved by either an authorizing school district or the Commonwealth. Charters can be renewed for up to five years at a time.

As part of its evaluation for CCS’s charter renewal, WCASD’s Education Committee (the Committee) studied CCS’s student achievement data, financial reports, enrollment statistics, and other records. Committee members also met and talked with CCS students, parents/guardians, and administrators.

“We’re thrilled with Dr. Sokolowski’s and his colleagues’ decision to extend Collegium’s charter!” said Ms. Barber. “The qualities they cited in their evaluation—Collegium’s engaging instruction, strong sense of community, equity and diversity, and collegial staff—are representative of our culture and educational philosophy. We look forward to continuing to be ‘The Smart Choice in Public Education’ for K-12 children across Pennsylvania!”

About Collegium Charter School Collegium Charter School is a tuition-free, independent K-12 public school offering families a choice for their children’s elementary and secondary education. For more information about Collegium, visit www.collegiumcharter.com.

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