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Telehealth with Empower PT

March 23, 2020
Written by: Tate Design
Welcome to Telehealth at Empower

This ever-evolving pandemic has us looking outside of the box in order to provide care. As much as we want to see everyone in person, this is not an option for most of us during this time. We are offering options to our patients to be able to deliver Telehealth so you can keep making progress in PT.

Are you ready for exercise progressions, but due to COVID you don’t know what to do? We can have you choose a time so we can do a video review.

Are you interested in a pregnancy or postpartum virtual session? We can set up a weekly or biweekly session to review proper exercise progressions, lifting techniques with your children, self care, pelvic floor health and breathing/meditation techniques.

Are you running more because of being limited in your exercise routine? Let us review a dynamic warm-up or post stretch for you. We can look at your strengthening routine and make some modifications using Telehealth.

Andrea can take your through a full Schroth routine with a review of new positions and progress your exercises.

Does your company want us to do a Zoom Meeting for employees to help them minimize their lower back pain or neck pain as they work from home? (Reach out to Rachel @ empowerpt for more details)

For those of you with evaluations that were set up, but had to be cancelled, you are more than welcome to get started via Telehealth or wait until an in-person visit is available. If you choose to wait, we will call you back once we get back into the office to set up that follow-up time.

Self pay rates will apply to Telehealth for all non- Medicare patients, due to our state not having the necessary reimbursements in place at this time. To make it more affordable, in this state of uncertainty, we care offering different time slots for video Telehealth:

  • 20 mins- $30
  • 40 mins- $60
  • 60 mins- $90

New patients with be an initial eval for $150.

We will be checking our voicemail, but please use your PT’s email to schedule your telehealth sessions. https://www.physicaltherapyempower.com/staff

We can connect via Facetime or Zoom temporarily (HIPAA compliance platforms have been waived with COVID). Additionally, we have two HIPAA compliant platforms, doxy.me and therexportal.com that we can also use. Please tell us, via email, which is your preferred way to connect.

After your session, you will receive a bill in your patient portal. You can pay your bill online through that portal after the session. You can also pay your current balances on the portal. If you have general questions, email info

We are so happy to be able to offer Telehealth and options for our patients at this time! We will hopefully be back in the office soon, but for now, we are here for you. We would love to do a workout with you, even if it is on a screen, b/c we are stronger together!!

Everyone stay safe and healthy! Talk to you in a couple of days!


The Empower Physical Therapy Staff

Submitted by:

Rachel Miller
Empower Physical Therapy

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