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Kinetic Physical Therapy

March 24, 2022
Written by: ercc-marketing

The Opening of Two New Centers in Delaware County
As Kinetic Physical Therapy celebrates its 16th year, serving Chester and Montgomery County, two new Centers were launched in January, 2022, in collaboration with the Greater Philadelphia YMCA. Delaware County welcomes, Kinetic @ the Haverford YMCA in Havertown and Kinetic@ the Rocky Run YMCA in Media. Dr. Michael Fernandes, DTP, oversees both Centers as their Clinic Director.
Kinetic Physical Therapy focuses on Prevention, Rehabilitation Recovery, and Maintenance as part of their three-tier wellness model. For more information, please call 610-424-1100 or learn more about us at www.kineticptpa.com

Our New Prevention-Maintenance Program
Kinetic Stretch integrates the understanding and physiology of the stretch reflex, integrating restorative stretching to improve the quality of daily movement. Developed by Dr. Gabe Kresge, DPT, Clinic Director of Kinetic @ West Chester, Kinetic Stretch is now being offered at our West Chester and Phoenixville Centers.
Kinetic is committed to designing prevention and maintenance programs that increase muscle flexibility, joint resiliency, and build muscle strength. To familiarize yourself with this unique program, we are offering a complimentary 25-minute session. For more information visit
www.kineticstretch.com or call 610-424-1100

New Educational Platforms for Businesses
Bringing wellness to businesses and organizations through customized, educational forums, is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to your employees. Kinetics new platform,
Kinetic KNOW: Knowledge 2 Navigate-Opportunities 4 Wellness, allows us to work with businesses, to meet the health and movement needs of their teams.

Aligning with leaders in the healthcare and wellness community, we offer, diverse topics, conversations, and experiential platforms. To explore the needs of your business and the
teams that drive success, contact, Sheri Gardner, MS, Director of Development, at sherig@kineticptpa.com or call 610-508-2572.

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