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Atlantex Manufacturing Corporation Announces Face Mask and Face Shield Production

July 1, 2020
Written by: Laurie Ryan

Kennett Square July 1, 2020: Atlantex Manufacturing Corporation, based in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is proud to announce their production of face masks and face shields to help local businesses protect staff and guests as the Pennsylvania economy begins its reopening. By investing in new production equipment and tooling and utilizing supply chain relationships, Atlantex is able to produce protective covers with the goal of promoting community health and safety. These consumer-grade face covers are designed to provide all-day, comfortable protection, while preserving medical-grade resources for the healthcare professionals that depend on them.

The fabric face masks produced by Atlantex are manufactured with a no-sew process to minimize human contact, and integrate ear loops into the one-piece mask to eliminate uncomfortable elastic bands. Per CDC recommendations, the masks are constructed from 100% cotton and conform to the face, fully covering the nose and mouth. The soft knitted fabric will stretch more than most commonly-used woven fabrics, increasing the comfort and reducing ear-strain. Two sets of ear holes allow the masks to fit most adults and children. Due to the no-sew production process, each mask is a single ply; however, Atlantex recommends wearing two (or more) layers to improve the level of protection and comply with the multi-layer recommendation made by the CDC. While these masks can be laundered, it is not recommended due to the raw, untreated fabric edges. Atlantex is producing 100% Cotton face masks that are uniquely USA-Made throughout the entire supply chain; the cotton is grown, yarn is spun, fabric is knitted and dyed, and the masks are produced all in the USA. This helps to promote domestic jobs and production in an industry that has been increasingly outsourced.

Clear plastic face shields are also being produced in the Kennett Square facility, utilizing domestic materials to the extent possible. The shields are manufactured with high-clarity PET plastic that is moisture-resistant and can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Providing full face coverage from above the eyes to below the chin, the shields are designed to block droplets spread by coughing, sneezing, talking, and breathing. Face shields are preferred by may wearers since they do not restrict airflow and the ability to breathe as much as fabric masks.


Atlantex is hoping to do their part in protecting the community as the nation’s economy reopens and everyone acclimates to the “new normal”. Additional information can be found online at https://ppe.atlantexmfg.com.


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