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Wix for Web Design & Business Growth

August 3, 2020
Written by: Laurie Ryan

In this challenging season of managing a business during COVID closures, strengthening your online presence may be a very good step. Is Wix the right choice for your next website move?

We’ve used Wix since its release in 2006. It has grown impressively and consistently through the years. While it was dismissed in the early days by serious web developers as a light-weight consumer-based tool, its advancement has now positioned it as a very strong, user-friendly option for the online delivery needs – large or small – of thousands of business owners.

Here are some observations about the Wix platform:

wix logo maker 1


The most obvious feature of Wix is its super-easy drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface. Their templates are great, and even without a design background, they walk you through steps to build pages quickly and efficiently with their intuitive tools.



Beyond the standard elements of web design, Wix has introduced powerful tools that dramatically improve the functionality of your site.


Bookings, Events, Blogs, Forums, Member management and even a full eCommerce platform are native and contain the same easy interface styles as the main web design tools.



Wix now has the ability to include custom code to go beyond their off-the-shelf applications, opening the opportunity for even more flexible sites.


They’ve also added the ability to connect site elements with data tables to build dynamic pages.



Behind the web design software is a powerful set of tools to manage the critical processes of your business. A full CRM, email marketing, financials and reporting are all native in the system.



Wix provides the framework for strong and effective SEO. Baseline and advanced optimization features exist on every page, and their SEO Wiz provides a pre-launch checker to ensure best-possible organic rankings with Google.


Integrations with Facebook, Mailchimp, Hotjar and other systems expand the functional and analytic capabilities even more.



Wix is constantly upgrading & innovating their platform, performance and support to enable agencies and business to grow. Their tools have advanced radically over the years, and their level of dedication to their customer’s success is impressive.



This completely new beta interface released in 2020 is focused entirely at delivering a best-in-class responsive design system.


While responsive design already exists natively on many top systems, the innovation and ease of use introduced by Editor X is truly unique and exciting.



Compared with other similar systems who deliver a full-platform experience, clients report that Wix’s tier pricing is comparable, competitive and reasonable for everything that comes with the system and the business growth potential that it brings.



With their impressive dedication to growth and development, the Wix website design & business platform is a reputable choice worth considering for strengthening your online presence.




Submitted by:

Matt Steinruck

Owner, Creative Director

Big Picture Studio




Big Picture Studio is a family-owned and operated boutique marketing agency in Downingtown. With over 25 years of multi-faceted experience, they help clients focus and polish their brand and build clean, professional marketing materials to attract customers and win business.

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