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Todd Cohen - Everyone's in Sales

March 30, 2020
Written by: Tate Design

Hello Everyone:

I hope everyone is staying well.

About 6 years ago, I attended an event where Todd spoke. He is a very engaging speaker and much of what he shared that day is part of my routine for networking and sales.

Since then, I have seen him a few times and enjoyed an engaging conversation each time. We actively follow each other on Instagram and Facebook.

He is doing what many professionals and business people are doing during these challenging times...sharing their content in order to stay on people's minds and stay relevant.

I listened to a few minutes of this audio and decided to listen to the rest of it while cleaning my matting and framing area in my basement.

Definitely worth your while!

Stay well and change your lens when needed!
Thank you.
Gary Altoonian


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Gary Altoonian
Altoonian Photography

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