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Regional Firm Grows HR Consulting Practice Amid Unprecedented Workforce Conditions

October 12, 2021
Written by: ercc-marketing

LANCASTER, PA (October 12, 2021) – Amid what some experts are calling the “Great Resignation,” a recognized name in the professional services space is establishing itself as a leading provider of comprehensive workforce solutions. Focused on helping companies meet the challenges of today’s business environment, RKL’s Human Capital Management practice has attracted unprecedented interest from employers looking for a better way to attract, retain and engage their teams.


Established formally as a practice in 2018, RKL Human Capital Management experienced a surge in demand for its specialized HR expertise in 2020 as employers sought help navigating COVID-19 regulations, government relief provisions and related employer practices. In 2021, this trend continues as employers face a new set of challenges, such as a historically tight labor market, pandemic burnout and an increasingly remote work environment.

“There seems to be understanding among employers that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option,” says Bethany Novis, who oversees RKL’s Consulting Services Group, which offers a full range of workforce, operational and financial services. “There’s an appetite for trying new approaches like enhancing compensation structures, engaging teams differently and even automating and outsourcing some roles to sustain a company’s talent needs.”

Under the leadership of Stephane Smith, a human resources executive with more than two decades of experience, RKL’s Human Capital Management practice has significantly grown its services, team, client roster and revenue over the past two years. HR consulting services are projected to earn the firm $1.5 million in revenue in 2021, a three-fold increase from 2019.

RKL Grows HR Consulting Practice

As a result, RKL has grown its HR bench from three consultants in 2019 to a team of 11 in 2021. Today, the group offers a broad range of solutions including outsourced/interim HR support, team engagement surveys, Human Resources Integrated System (HRIS) selection and implementation, Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) eligibility, compliance support, policy and procedure design and more.

Demand for services that give employers a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining talent has heightened over the course of the last six months, according to Smith. Compensation analysis, an offering that taps into RKL’s unique combination of workforce, financial and operational expertise, helps employers understand how their compensation packages stack up against their competitors. Employee engagement is also an area of increased focus as employers seek more proactive methods to stem turnover.

“Out of the pandemic, many companies learned that they were more resilient and adaptive than they may have thought. It’s those companies that are coming to us now and saying ‘we know we need to think differently’ in order to retain the best talent while still driving profits and winning in the marketplace. And we’re in a unique position to help them do that,” says Smith.

Dynamic and fast-changing labor laws enacted at the local, state and national levels also have employers scrambling to stay compliant and on the right side of the law, according to Smith. From Equal Employment Opportunity surveys, wage and hour calculations, workplace health and safety regulations and more, the RKL team can work in an advisory capacity to help employers remain compliant and avoid potential costly fines.

“We’re uniquely positioned to help employers navigate their day-to-day issues, while offering ahead-of-the-curve strategies that will elevate their overall talent strategy,” says Smith.

As part of the firm’s Consulting Services Group, RKL’s Human Capital Management team frequently taps into the perspectives of colleagues with expertise in area like data analytics, process improvement, payroll, financial analysis and more, generating solutions that transcend specific functional silos.

RKL Grows HR Consulting Practice

RKL’s continual investments in the latest technologies and its ability to attract specialized expertise allows the firm to lead clients toward better ways to accomplish their goals.


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