Exton Region Chamber of Commerce
ERCC Member Spotlight

Ashley Sicilia

Vice President & Co-Owner
Titan Exterior Solutions
Chamber Member Since 2022
Ashley Sicilia Titan Exterior Solutions
What do you enjoy most about your job or business industry?

What I love the most about my job is that I get to be my own boss. Not only for the obvious reasons like making my own schedule and calling the shots, but mostly for the accountability that comes with it. If I fail at something, its on me. There is no one else to blame but myself. I get to figure out solutions without pointing fingers. I think there is a lot of empowerment in that.

In what ways has your chamber membership benefited you and/or your business?

My first and most important job is being a stay at home mom. My son comes first. I always tell people getting out and going to chamber meetings and networking is me going to work. I really love it. I get to meet with other like-minded business owners and share experiences and challenges with them. It’s a unique opportunity for growth both in business, in my relationships with others, and in my life since parenthood.

How do you define success?

The definition of success taken from the Oxford Dictionary is, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” I think success has everything to do with how you feel. Are you happy? Did you do good with what your talents and abilities? Do you feel like you’ve accomplished something? Isn’t that the end goal?

What business challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?

The biggest challenge I face is simultaneous juggling motherhood and running a business. I don’t think I’ll ever overcome it. It’s a constant push and pull. But with anything I struggle with, I always tap into resources available to me. The biggest one being connecting with other people that have the same struggles. That always helps. Just knowing it’s not just you. We’re all pushing and pulling.

What makes your business stand out from other businesses offering similar services or products?

Our customers love that fact that everything is thorough. They see that we take the time to thoroughly inspect their roofs and provide a detailed assessment of our findings. Everything is transparent from start to finish.

What advice would you give a young professional starting out in their career?

Advice I would give a young professional or any professional for that matter is that they have choices. Nothing is set in stone. You went to school to be a doctor but now you want to be an artist? Go for it. You won’t be breaking the law. You have choices. And you have the right to be happy in your decision and if you’re not, then it’s okay to make a change, or two, or three.

What’s something about you that most people may not know (favorite band, favorite food, childhood memory, etc.)?

Something about me that most people may not know is that I used to dispatch for the city of Reading Police Department. I took 911 calls and dispatched officers. I did that for 10 years and I take pride in that. It’s the reason why I have such a high respect for law enforcement and military. A large number of the men and women I worked with had military backgrounds. I respect that.

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