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ERCC Proposes Changes to the Chamber Bylaws

December 20, 2019
Written by: Laurie Ryan

December 20,2019-Exton : The Exton Region Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors voted to accept changes to the Bylaws at the December 2019 Board Meeting.  An email was sent to serve as notice to the membership that a vote will be called at the Annual Review Luncheon on Tuesday, January 21, at the Downingtown Country Club. One representative from each member organization in attendance will be provided a ballot to vote.

The amendments include changes to:

  • Membership Termination – Termination procedures for members with unpaid dues were revised to reflect that members may be removed by the board of directors if dues have not been paid within 60 days of the renewal date (as opposed to 105 days)
  • Board Meetings – Provisions were revised to reflect Pennsylvania law notice requirements and to allow board members to participate in meetings via teleconference or video conference.
  • Board Member Liability & Indemnification – Provisions were revised and other provisions were added to the bylaws to limit the personal liability of a director and to provide the chamber with broad indemnification powers to further protect volunteer directors.
  • Amendment Procedures – In lieu of requiring members to approve any bylaw changes, the bylaws may be amended, going forward, by the board of directors.  This change will help ensure that the bylaws can more easily be updated to remain compliant with changes to Pennsylvania law and best practices.

Pennsylvania law requires the members of a nonprofit corporation to approve the limitation of personal liability for monetary damages of the corporation’s directors.  By approving the bylaws, you will be ratifying, approving and affirming, such limitation of personal liability for the corporation’s directors.

The proposed Bylaws are attached.  We hope to see you at the Annual Review Luncheon, sponsored by Miller’s Insurance on Tuesday, January 21 at Downingtown Country Club.  In addition to voting on the bylaws, the State of the Chamber will be presented, Chairperson, Diana Mattingly of First Resource Bank, will thank the current board members who are terming off and introduce the Chairperson for 2020, Fran Shaw of Miller’s Insurance.  Fran will introduce the new Board of Directors and express her vision for 2020. The Chairman’s Award, the President’s Award and the the 2019 Senator Robert Thompson Public Service Award will be presented, as well.  To register, click here or visit www.ercc.net.

May you have a wonderful holiday season. See you in the New Year!

Laurie Kerkering
President, ERCC

Current Bylaws-Amended

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