Exton Region Chamber of Commerce

Chester County Nonprofits Tapped by The Pew Charitable Trusts to Improve Outcomes for Residents

February 24, 2020
Written by: Laurie Ryan

WEST CHESTER, PA (February 20, 2020) – Three Chester County nonprofits are raising the bar on their own work as participants in the Pew Fund’s Evaluation Capacity Building Initiative. The 18-month program aims to help Pew Fund grantees assess and strengthen the impact of their services for the region’s most vulnerable residents. Through group learning sessions and individualized coaching, organizations learn to monitor their ongoing progress, use data to inform their practices, and evaluate their impact.
More about the initiative’s work is available here:




Pictured (left to right) Bridget Hahn, Cecilia Arce and Milena Lanz, Executive Director (MCHC); Melissa Zimmerman, Ashley Coyle, Chris Zaccarelli, CEO, Brooke Hedderick (CVC); Kate Martin, Kristin Kotler, Kristin Proto, Executive Director (The Garage); Jayme Gittings (CVC)

For more information about the participating organizations, please visit:


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